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Are you looking to maximise your advertising budget?

We at Streetcom Outdoor Advertising are specialised in offering clients a one stop shop for all your outdoor requirements. We have very good relationship with all outdoor media companies. We can help you reach more consumers and make the most of your advertising budget.

While spending on traditional media such as magazines, newspapers and radio dried up in these last years the out-of-home industry (OOH), including traditional billboard advertising, advertising on street furniture, LED Billboards, Mega Billboards etc increased in popularity. The fact is that companies today are spending a larger share of their budget on outdoor advertising ...why? ...because it's the most effective medium.

OOH media has been growing all over the world and Malta is no exception at almost twice the rate of in-home media over the past decade. The main reason is because more and more people are spending time outside of their homes, which enables OOH media to become an increasingly more efficient advertising conduit. Unlike other forms of media, out-of-home can create an impression with consumers close to a point of sale or be a constant reminder throughout the course of daily activity.

Streetcom offers companies with the right budget to reach most of the locals through its network of billboards 6mtr x 3mtr (48 sheet) or 4mtr x 3mtr (36 sheet). Billboards can be either backlit or non backlit. Obviously backlit billboard are higher in price but more effective and impressive.

Other outdoor media offered are mega billboards placed on construction sites and showrooms, bus shelters, Multisits (street furniture) placed along Malta busiest roads and promenades, bus advertising, road barriers etc etc.

Besides the above we also rent out or sell inflatable billboards, AD Stands for indoor promotions.

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